Hybrid optical solutions made by Canare

SMPTE/ARIB standardised products

When uncompressed high-definition and super slomo cameras arrived into the broadcast market, it was soon realized that copper Triax cables could not carry these HD signals.  Even the longest Triax can only go some 300m when carrying camera HD video and many sports venues and similar large facilities need longer distances.

SMPTE 311M hybrid cable is the solution that filled that requirement. Designed for high-definition, HD up to 8K cameras, these hybrid cables can multiplex audio, video and control signals and additionally supply power. It includes 2 single mode fibers, 2 to 4 copper power cables, 2 low voltage control signal wires.

Originally designed by LEMO 3K.93C series of connectors has been adopted by the American (SMPTE 304M-1998), Japanese (ARIB BTA S-1005B) and European (EBU R100-1999) standards organisations for HDTV fibre links for the broadcast market.

They are now the only hybrid fibre connectors being used worldwide that comply fully with SMPTE 304 / SMPTE 311, ARIB and EBU standards for both signal and cable. So, called SMPTE connectors are the adopted standard by all broadcast camera manufacturers and used worldwide for the production and transmission of high-definition TV programming.

Canare offers a full range of ARIB/SMPTE products including connectors, gaiters, cables, and termination panels. All the above-mentioned products are built according to the ARIB/SMPTE standards and officially accepted by them. In this sense they are fully compatible with Lemo 3K.93C series.

Our product range consist of Cable connectors FCFA/FCMA – standard camera cable connectors and the range of panel connectors meant for cables or device mount.                                                          

All Canare cable connectors can be equipped with retrofitted gaiters adding additional security.

Gaiters are available in Red, Green, Yellow and Black colour. Non confirmed standard says that green goes to the camera and red stays on the cable drum and goes to OBVAN panel connector.                     

Canare is the only manufacturer that offers both cables and connectors. Our customers have a choice of different types of SMPTE311M cables. LF-2SM9N 9,2mm standard cable in both jacket versions PVC and PUR and heavy-duty version LF-2SM9T an ultimate cable that offers the same power supply performance as the conventional 9,2mm SMPTE311M cable. This cable complies with MIL standards in terms of lateral pressure and impact. Even when it is handled roughly, its transmission performance is not affected at all. We also offer the same type of cable but in thinner and lighter version with 7,1mm jacket. For this reason, both products have been widely popular for a long time as an ideally tough cable for on-the-spot broadcast production.

Canare hybrid cables have been developed in order to meet the demands of users who wants secure the proper performance even on the longer distance. Customers are free to select any of the Canare hybrid cables depending on surrounding conditions like extreme cold (PUR version), super flex and tough (9T version) or FRNC version for permanent installations. All cables have received high customer approval from Asia via Europe and Americas.

Another type of connector build based on ARIB version is Canare OM6 standard. The 6-channel fiber-optic connector is a heavy-duty multi-core optical connector that is built for field use. This connector resolves all the problems encountered in the field, such as strength, durability, mating performance and waterproof capacity, which have been the disadvantages of SC and LC fiber-optic connectors.

This product is assembled with six core optical fiber cables in an optical camera type connector, which has a proven track record for ruggedness. It can connect and disconnect six optical signal channels at once and can be firmly mated, which allows it to be used for all kinds of systems that transmit optical signals to multiple transmission lines.

It is a perfect solution for all stage box connections. Cables between Stage Box and FOH or Stage Box and OBVAN.  Polish OBVAN company ATM introduced this standard in their OBVAN fleet 2 years ago and now the biggest Polish private TV station Polsat is following this changing their cables to OM6 Standard.

The big advantage of the OM6 is not only durability of fibre connections but also the fact that this connector uses the same 2mm ferules like in the SMPTE connectors. In order to check the SMPTE cables at location Canare offers specially designed Hybrid checker.

Canare Cable Checker allows fast, easy confirmation of HFO cables in the field. No heavy equipment to drag around. The compact design features a backlight digital display to measure optic loss/power and electrical continuity. Small and light, Canare Cable Checker helps make mobile installations smooth, secure and constant. Two versions are available for SMPTE and ARIB type of connectors.

It is very important to maintain the Hybrid Connectors in clean conditions. The connector sections to be cleaned are the key parts, including the tips and sides of ferrules, the interior walls of alignment sleeves and the interior and exterior of connector shells. Note that scratches and particles of foreign matter on the tip of the ferrule can have a disabling effect on fibre-optic transmission. The unique feature of Canare female connector is extractable alignment sleeve that allows an easy access to ferrulas in order to clean them precisely.

The range of Canare Hybrid products is completed by the verity of enclosures and panel meant for HFO connectors.

Pre-terminated HFO camera connector panel with built-in splice enclosure box provides easy and quick installation between HD camera system and terminal panel or rack. By combining the unit and frame, HFO camera connector panel enables a variety of layouts depending on the system design. Those products are particularly interesting for all stadium, halls and permanent installations. One can feed unterminated cables to all camera locations and are easily assembled on site with SC connectors.

Canare’s range of products allows every installation company to create a project and get all the necessary products from one source. We are a connecting company for all HD/UHD broadcasters needs.  

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